About Us

Since 2006 Eveleigh & Read have served as tailors to the gentlemen of The City of London, Westminster and Canary Wharf.  Our Head Tailor Paul Read (above left) leads our team of tailors as they go about their daily business of visiting clients, measuring and styling bespoke suits and other garments exactly the way you wish.

A bit about how we work

Your first appointment will be where our expert tailor will help you to select your cloth, lining, styling options and take your first set of measurements.  Not just satisfied with our tape measures, we will also take pictures of you in both profile and silhouette to help us ensure your entire posture is adequately recorded.

We’ll then start work on your garments.

After around 6 weeks you’ll hear from us to arrange your second appointment, a fitting.  At this point your bespoke suit will be made, but unfinished.  We will put the garment on you and see where we need to make the little tweaks and changes to make it sit just right.

Finally, normally around a week later, the suit will be ready for your third appointment, the final fitting, to take home with you.  Importantly, the changes that we make in this final stage are recorded, so that the next time you order, it’s both smoother and quicker.

For those who are working towards a deadline we also offer an Express Service  (3-4 weeks).

Call or message us now to book your first appointment.