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Black tie

So Christmas and New Year are creeping up along with all the associated jollities, such as the office party. Not just your own but all those other events you get invited to as well. So, you’ve taken your DJ out of the wardrobe, dusted it down, checked it still fits and the moths haven’t been feasting on it. But, just as certain firms are saying to their male staff,  ‘no need for suits, a jacket and smart trousers are fine’ for the working week, so we’re also seeing a relaxing of the rules with Black Tie.

OK, there are times when the invitation says ‘Formalwear’ and you know that’s what they mean – black tie, no messing about. But there are other times when it says ‘Black Tie’ but actually you know that the rules aren’t that rigid and you want to have a bit of a change.

In the past this was provided by a velvet smoking jacket but now nobody smokes anymore (Vaping jacket anyone?) you need something different. So let’s look to our US cousins who termed the word ‘Tuxedo’ and look to the Rat Pack for inspiration. Get a jacket made with a bit more ‘show’ – it’s still styled like a DJ but the cloth of the main body and sleeves has a little more ‘pizzazz’ and what’s good is that you team it up with your DJ trousers that you already own.

So if you’d like something a bit different for this year’s festivities, you need to replace your DJ or you would actually like a velvet smoking jacket the please contact us………………