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Why buy bespoke

So you’ve not bought bespoke before and you’re not sure it’s for you?  Completely understandable, I mean what possible reason could you need to embrace a higher level of sartorial excellence….other than of course better quality, improved fit, and, of course, not to mention the amazing variety of cloths, linings and styles to choose from?  Well here’s a guide for those of you who think that buying bespoke perhaps isn’t for you.

Better fit

Off-the peg suits are designed for ‘Mr Average’.  I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a Mr Average, but I’m pretty sure if I did he’d look, well, average. The point is that whilst an off-the peg suit might well look good to begin with, once it starts to settle on your body after a couple of wears it will look considerably less so.  This is when the idiosyncrasies of your body start to show, whether that be that the sleeve length is a little long or short, your ‘seat’ is too big/small, you have one arm longer than the other, or perhaps you have one shoulder higher than the other?

Because bespoke suits are made to your specific measurements, including more subtle traits such as the angle of your shoulders and the best place to position the front top button on your jacket, they hide and make good these lovely imperfections that we all have.  We’ve being doing this a long time so believe us when we say: “Nobody is ‘average'”.


Generally speaking bespoke tailors use better quality cloth, interlining and construction techniques than off-the-peg retailers.  There is a tendency for some high street and “luxury” retailers to cut corners when it comes to suit quality.  Fabrics used can often be a wool-polyester mix.  Whilst these are cheap, they tend not to last long and have a tendency to go shiny relatively quickly. Sure, you’ll pay more money initially to have a suit made exclusively for you, but that investment will more than pay for itself over time. We have clients who are only now replacing suits we made for them 11 or 12 years ago.


Who really wants 1,000s of fabrics to choose from?

Well that’s what you get when you go bespoke.  But don’t let that intimidate you.  Having a suit made is an enjoyable experience, your tailor can guide you as to the most appropriate fabric for you.

But isn’t that choice amazing?  You can now have the suit of your choice. Not the one chosen for you by this year’s model or design house.

So book an appointment with Eveleigh & Read now and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about!