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Case Study: Joram – A Rather Special Wedding Suit

Joram came to us to talk about making a suit for a wedding suit. He had done his homework and had visited a number of tailors before arriving at our door.  However, after an initial discussion, combined with the fact we managed to quickly locate the exact colour of brown he had in his mind’s eye, we were delighted that he was inclined to give us his business.

No “traditional” wedding suit

As you can probably imagine with brown cloth this was not going to be a traditional wedding suit. Joram had brought with him a picture he had seen online of the type of cut and style he was after. Paul, our Head Tailor, also pointed out features that Joram hadn’t noticed such as a flared cuff and a slightly higher button stance, both of which were incorporated into the final design of the suit. This again underpinned his decision as he was reassured that he would get the exact suit that wanted, not an interpretation of it.

Paul also wanted to add some accents to break up the solidity of the brown as Joram is a tall, slim man.  We needed to add some ‘colour’. Our tailor suggested that we trim the pocket jets and cover the buttons in a dark brown velvet. Our client was open to the idea of the jetts but wanted some time to give the button idea some consideration.

So, we made a start on the suit as time was of the essence; the wedding being just a few weeks away. You can see from the pictures that he went for the velvet buttons.

We also offered guidance on accessories to go with the suit, which the client took on board and purchased a cream-coloured shirt and cravat. As you can see from the pictures both the bride and groom looked stunning.

Published 1st September 2017