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What to wear? – One chance to make that first impression

Once upon a time a firm that dealt with personal wealth matters was invited, via referral, to tender for the business of a famous pop singer. The firm thought it would be a good idea to send a younger member of the team to go along to his mansion to discuss their offering, and the man they chose thought that he should dress accordingly as he was meeting a rock star, not his usual type of client. At the end of the meeting, the prospective client, summed up with the following words: “I’ll give you my business because you were recommended but next time you visit me, especially with the money you’ll be making, you can wear a suit’. It’s a competitive world and, as no doubt you’ve heard endless times, you’ve only one chance to make a first impression.

When meeting prospective clients your initial appearance has already spoken volumes before you’ve even opened your mouth. So to give you that edge you need to look the part and that’s a balance of trust, experience, success and authority and not everyone gets that balance right.

And the opening story? Well that was told to me by the Managing Partner of the accountancy firm and he was the young accountant in the story all those years ago. So since then, whether he is seeing rock stars, F1 drivers or other showbiz clients he has always worn a bespoke suit. And those suits are made by us.