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5 top tips for packing for business travel

We are all on a quest to find the most efficient way to travel, from the best route to the airport, to the quickest way through security, to our favourite place for a coffee before boarding. But how efficient are you at packing for your trip? Do you often overpack? Here is our resident traveller’s five effective packing tips for business travel:

1) Take a ‘capsule wardrobe’ approach. Think about what you can wear in combination with other garments in order to reduce packing. E.g. A navy suit jacket can look completely different when coupled with stylish jeans, a pocket square and t-shirt.

2) To avoid creases don’t pack too tightly. There’s no failsafe way to avoid messy creases but loosely packed shirts will fare better than tightly packed ones. Also, hang garments as soon as you arrive to allow them to “relax”.

3) Pack one small luxury. Travelling can be hard on the body and mind, I always take one little luxury with me to brighten the day….which may be a small (under 100ml) bottle of cologne, an individual face pack (don’t laugh until you’ve tried it, honestly).

4) Fold your jacket according to our video guidelines then steam by hanging next to (not in!) a hot running shower for 20 minutes.

5) Pack a small roll of sellotape as an emergency lint remover! Wrap the tape around your hand so the sticky side is facing out, and rub away!

Do you have any packing tips of your own?  Please share them with us.